Alessandra and I opened the Ashtanga room in October 2015 in Byron Bay to provide a nurturing and healing environment to practice yoga and provide healing treatments. We incorporate the methods of Ashtanga yoga, Ayurvedic yoga massage and Magnified energy healing either individually or complimenting each other, to provide support and stability for both our own lives and for our students and clients. After operating in a commercial space for our first year, we made the decision to move the shala into our home. As of the 30th of June 2018 we have happily relocated to Port Macquarie.


Guruji always spoke of the family as the priority in life, that Ashtanga was a householders practice. Our entire purpose with our own practice has been to compliment our life, heal our traumas, become the best people we can by finding a pathway to our true selves. We feel that maintaining a small intimate shala in our home we can share the practice and the message of our own connection to the practice with the purest integrity. 


We have created a beautiful, warm and caring space in our home for both our yoga practice and healing treatments. These practices will heal your heart, we can say this honestly as they have worked for us. Working with both an Ashtanga yoga practice and Alessandra's healing treatments have enabled us both to create space and harmony within our own lives, and allowed us to create a supportive and loving environment for our family. It is from this place that is true to us, that we invite you to share in, to nourish and heal yourself through the sacred practices we share.  

Study history


Christian Graham

2005 Commenced yoga practice

2006-2008 completed a YA500 hr recognised training with Peter Nilsson and Jude Hynes at Auckland Yoga Academy.

2009 - 2015 three year Committed Practitioners Program and receiving ongoing one-on-one mentoring with Dena Kingsberg.

2005 - present. Ongoing study Mysore, India with Patthabi jois, Sarawathi Rangaswamy and Sharath Jois receiving their authorisation to teach in 2014.



2008 Commenced practice at the school of Elena De Martin in Milan, Italy.

2012 - present Workshops and practice with Dena Kingsberg. 

2009 - 2014 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage certification, Goa, India & Magnified Healing certification, Mysore, India.