Monday at 6am: Half primary Led class (Alessandra)

Wednesday at 6am: Mysore style (Christian)

Friday at 6am: Mysore style (Christian)


$10 First class

$17 Casual

$150 - 10 class pass

Mysore Style 

The Mysore style tradition of Ashtanga yoga is an ever changing sequential method of poses linked by the union of a set counted Vinyasa and the Ujayi breath.

I find currently there is quite a broad range of opinions and teachings as to the "correct" method of Ashtanga. Essentially, without unnecessary argument, I think these differences can be generalised into what phases of time the practice was learnt. The practice is well documented over the last 40 years as to how it was initially taught by Guruji to a small group of Westerners and to how it is taught now to extremely large numbers by Sharath.

As a teacher now, I can only honour and teach from the experiences of firstly, my studies in Mysore with the Jois family, secondly, my studies and mentoring from Dena Kingsberg and other Certified and Authorised teachers, and finally, perhaps most importantly, from the experiences of my own individual practice.

I place a specific focus on the student being balanced and even with the breath through all poses. To me this practice is a breathing, heart-opening sequence of postures observing the traditions of Ashtanga yoga. The focus is not on the end result of each pose, but the process and discovery we encounter in each pose. Each individual works through the sequences with their own individual needs and challenges. I aim to teach with equal respect to the tradition and to the individual, finding a harmonious balance to enable a deeper connection and understanding of the practice, allowing its healing and transformative qualities to become present. 


WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY @6AM AT THE HOLLOW STORE: 2/21 Clarence Street, Murray St, Port Macquarie NSW 2444  (CHRISTIAN GRAHAM) 





Led classes are the more recognisable classes where the teacher talks the students through the poses for the entire class. Great for learning the correct sequencing of poses, the correct method of breathing and technical aspects to improve balance and coordination.

EVERY MONDAY @6AM AT THE HOLLOW STORE: 2/21 Clarence Street, Murray St, Port Macquarie NSW 2444 (ALESSANDRA PAPAZZO)




Private lessons are an excellent method to refine and improve your existing practice or to learn from the beginning if you are more comfortable in a one on one setting. Available in our studio outside of class times or at your home by prior appointment.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss pricing and availability.